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We thought it was funny so I wrote a note for some friends on facebook. I can vouch for Michi Arguedas, Linda Jones, and Rebecca Orozco personally. Selfishly, I also would love to meet new moms and socialize sometimes over bottles of our own. Alta Bates in Berkely has a new parents group that meets Thursdays. Sunny. If your on FB, you can try Moms of Montclair. do people recommend in Berkeley? Alta Bates also has a drop-in new moms group. Thank you so much for any advice! It is more about creating space for self care for moms than babies meeting each other. And it's not just that Emily has put a lot of thought/work into making each meeting special, it's also just her spirit. The baby basics are not so bad this time, whats really hard is managing the two child dynamic when the older sibling is still young. The grandchildren have had to relocate to Berkeley, start new schools, develop friendships, etc. They feel just shallow and somewhat sloppy, and the facilitators haven't promoted any sort of relationship building beyond introductions. looking for someone to help that has a good sense of humor and is patient and easy going. Then Comes Baby on Grand Avenue in Oakland has one. I'm considering joining one but I'm not sure if I'll have the time, energy or the interest once the baby is here, though it seems like a nice idea now (I also have a toddler who will be at preschool part time). Unfortunately neither group had enough people for ''quorum'' to actually start the group so I dont have feedback on the groups themselves. Hope this helps! Any recommendations? Une vision, une mission et des ambitions pour continuer notre aventure entrepreneuriale au service du snacking sain. I have a 17 month old. It meets in Oakland. Hi, I’m a soon to be parent from Oakland interested in this as well! I've heard good things about Support Group for Mothers, but it's a little pricey. With my older child's birth, I ended up scouring review sites, BPN reviews, and personal referrals and ended up with a list of maybe 20 doulas. 24 days ago. The website is The group is run by Emily Shenson. Best of luck with your new baby journey! 100% pre-shrunk cotton jersey. Becky, Hi Becky, I wanted to recommend BRIDGES Moms Group This group is facilitated by Emily Shenson who is a Bay Area doula (actually my doula for both of my children's births). I'm looking for a moms group to join:) My baby is 9wks old and we would love to meet other moms & babies. C’est en 2006 que la belle histoire du groupe MOM commence, par le rapprochement des entreprises Materne et Mont-Blanc. I was in her first time moms's group  last year and we all still keep in close touch. I am SOOOOO glad I listened. Martha Harris is the first person in a long time to offer a group for new couples: 925-284-4426 I think she may be holding it at The Nurture Center in Contra Costa County. Since we're new to the area, I do not have any sort of moms network built around here and would love to find some mom friends. I’m following this! Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Contact Susana at parented [at] if you are interested. Our group is still in frequent contact and we often plan group outings. Muirmommies in Walnut Creek is one of the best, I am looking for more groups in the Berkeley area too! Parent Replies. There’s her dad, Sonny; her mom, Miwako — both Berkeley grads from the mid-1990s. Your mom is so Berkeley she gets goat milk dark chocolate on Fourth Street. True to size. anonymous. BRIDGES was a great fit and I met other Moms some first time, some 2nd time and we became very close (I'm still in contact with most today). Thanks! Home / Products tagged “new mom group” new mom group. I’d love to connect as welll. Sarah. If not, please share your thoughts and opinions. It was a high point of my week when I was on maternity leave and I made some good friends there.

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