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The more often you listen to one, the more “color” you can fill in over time. Today during image streaming I was able to see a few vague images of cartoon cars. Thank you very much Marko for your response! From my own experience there seem to be two modes of visualization. Try it foor at least a week, 10-20 min a day. For example: 1. is their a car coming out of a side street I can’t actually tell you how many books I have read when it comes to reality creation and manifestation. I also kind of “fly over” imaginary cities. Usually I just download the mp3 and listen to it on my phone while lying on the bed. Slowly follow its contours once. Later: staring at my iMac (thinking at my entire life, little `depressed` because of this aphantasia), from time to time I closed my eyes – I could see few times something like stones, including the texture. I’ll cure that, it’s just undeveloped brain function. Visualize for about a minute, then get back to the book. I think I’m an aphantasiac, but I’ve been meaning to use the memory palace technique, but I can’t see my palace, all though I remember it, and that makes it difficult because I can’t peg. Thanks again Marko or anyone else who might have tips here. I’ve been working on this for about 5 months now, and am committed to doing this for a year. # — You could exercise with some simple objects or, what I love to do, go to Flickr and experiment with some of the many breathtakingly beautiful photos there. They spend a great deal of time visualizing every day routinely, automatically… honing this asset. # — Aphantasia allows you to “view” (process?) Some can do it with eyes open, others with eyes their closed. Many people strain their eyes when trying to visualize. Do you find that starting from scratch gives you complete control? Here’s one of my favortie videos. #1. Hope it’s improved since you commented. i can’t say i “see” stuff in my mind , but i’m really sure that when i visualize i dont see my eyelids or blackness . You can also use Pinterest for some extra inspiration. Now that you’re receiving an after-image (even though it’s unstable) you can get a “feel” for visualization. There are retreats where you can go and live in complete darkness for 2 weeks (safely at a super nice spa, doing meditation) but needless to say, it’s insanely expensive. I’ll explain in a nutshell how it works, and what the benefits are. If you’re having trouble to imagine the right colors then you may want try working with solid colors only. Yeah, I will keep the candle but I quit using simple geometric shapes drawn by my hand on paper. It is very strange. I’ll be back in few days. I began to feel it too, when I struggled hopelessly for days trying to get the faintest hint of a visualization, only to be met with disappointment. One interesting thing is that after I got drunk 2-3 years ago, I falled asleep when I got home and I had my first lucid dream. 4. That’s the best way or need to have that skill of visualisation of seeing pictures with eye lid closed. 1) often i have troubles talking about my experiences, stories i have lived, things i have seen, because i have problems at recalling them. Also, I have incredibly vivid dreams that I can recall even from childhood. Run your fingertips over surfaces, squeeze things, stomp your foot onto the ground, dig your nose into objects, etc. So I quit using it and everything is back to normal. We are mostly concerned here with the self-manufactured visualization that you can shape, create, control through mental effort… thus enabling you to harness its power to improve your life through, for example, braking bad habits, inciting passion, memorizing, envisioning your ideal future, etc. In a nutshell, as someone who starts from scratch, I think we have to invest a good amount of time to bring this muscle to life, strengthen it… and then… apply it frequently and routinely in our daily life. Usually it takes a while to make a whole lap, but it is doable. 1) Okay, you’re already able to produce images. So if you’re having trouble learning how to use visualization, have hope. I was zoing in and out do to how tired I was) and so my brain was just randomly developing these images one of which dealt with something I was working on the night before and then some before this image happened in my brain. Start maybe with 2-3 paragraphs a day until you get better. # — First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these clear steps and the hope you gave me. We want to emulate that by frequently stimulating that muscle, titillating it to grow. Since then I haven’t really been able to visualise very well at all. Here’s a short list what you can do with the power of visualization: In a nutshell, you can apply visualization all areas of your life. Don’t give up. I used to think that if I want it bad enough, it will happen. I mean like “where did I put my keys?..they were with me 30 sec ago..”. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This one completely suprised me and I wasn’t focusing on the color. The weird thing is that I need to feel movement for me to see it. At first I thought it was working, I did seem to be getting slightly better. Hi Jon, 1. You could do this anytime during your day. I thought I was falling asleep, but I’m not so sure if that’s the case or if I just have very little control of my visualization/mind. Many of us can only see pure blackness. Not a photographic memory of course but more of a database memory system however if too many things are going on at the same time at a faster speed I don’t have the time to memorize everything so something has to drop out where as if everything wasn’t pivoting on memory I woudl suppose that the memory would just enrich the mental imaging and roation most people take for granted. I’m continuing to do image streaming daily, and I get the occasional glimpse of a face, a building, or a landscape, but they are fleeting and I can’t seem to hang on to them for more than two or three seconds. Its like we see the exact colours and stuff after closing the eyelid the same we see through our eyes open ? That explains why I can imagine objects in the correct color, but could never see objects I was looking at on my screen to appear in the correct color. I’d appreciate it if you could give me those details because I honestly now feel like I may have just wasted a lot of time on this. Soon you’ll be able to lighten up your mental theater. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. So fuc***g unfair matter with my stone brain, visualisation is the best skill that you can have, this skill by image streaming technique can absolutely change your IQ and life. Persistence and discipline are your best friends. I tried to be aggressive from the beggining speding more time on daily training because was hard for me to believe that 10-15 minutes a day will make any difference after 37 years of not being able to ever “see” (I only had vivid dreams). Calmly observe this area. Furthermore, they say, you can’t do anything about it. I think there is a way to overcome this, and likely other internal senses will fall into place after the visual element is working. I don’t see much outside through my window (only shades). 3. The more careful you observe, analyze and internalize the little things… the better, clearer will be your final drawing. Because of my personal experience, I believe: Aphantasia is the inability to see (and create) mental images because of an untrained mental muscle. Never have I referenced an image seen in my mind’s eye. Having to visualize everything to learn and solve problems just slows you down anyway. I’ve heard of a lot of people getting very relaxed or sleepy when they do visualisation exercises. and will it improve faster the more time you spend on it? Do I start at the candle flame? And once again, thank you to Dorin for your progress reports. Hi Alex, Please don’t give up man, I will not stop, i want get better so so much, but its may be impossible. I have the other senses, they suck but I have them. Cheers! Dear Kathy, And…it works! Describe it all as if you’d have it right in front of you. You’re forced to observe and find details and your vision will grow in clarity. You’re like floating on a cloud when he strengthens the part of your brain that naturally creates images when you dream. All you’ve got to do is training your mind’s eye. my memories are in blurry images that comes to my mind and changes to other images very fast, and i cant hold them for more than a fraction of a second. I reached a point where our money situation wouldn’t approve no matter what I did or what the income level. I simply said: “Enought is enough, I never knew how the hell I suppose to imagine that light growing light from my head”. Is there anyway I could contact you to ask you a few questions? What are they talking about? Also, I go 5 days a week to the gym – so I know how slowly muscles are built. Think of carefully retracing its contours with a pencil.Then choose a single small detail of this shape. What can you do with it? The next thing I want to achieve is being able to smell and taste things. We need locate that muscle and strengthen it voluntarily. Unwrinkle your brow. I feel like the image is there behind a door in another room. I couldn’t see anything either, but I tried to describe what I remembered until I was just repeating myself, then looked again. How long have you been dong this and how much time did you invest per day? What can you do if you can't visualize? #2 occasionally but I feel #3 have been the best. I have been intensely visualizing for a few weeks now every single night, when I’m in bed, just before falling asleep. I find it easier to focus in the dark with my eyes closed. In the past, whenever I would close my eyes I could still see the shadows of people passing by and my mind’s eye was very bright. I feel you’re on the right track! — basically creating a future memory so that you’re likey to act as you’re ‘used to do’ (in your mind). I wish there would be an “easy hack” to improve very quickly… but so far I haven’t found one. If you can’t see mental images at all don’t waste too much time. I think it purely takes part in your mind only and, if you focus on the backs of your eyelids, you might prevent yourself from getting the best results. Another example is when I do the candle exercise, I can see the black rubber band on my wrist, but it shows up as a fluorescent white color. I’ve interviewed a couple of friends and people who have been using visualization as an integral part of their lives. I almost feel like with all these visualizations that I’m visualizing like a blind person. You should do this at least 30 times during one practice session. I’m doing this about 20-60 minutes/day. On the other hand, you seem to be doing very well already. Note: when I close my eyes, I also use my hands to block the additional light through my eyelids. After you’ve overcome the initial phase of seeing ‘nothing’, try focusing more on details when you observe an object (before visualizing it). The more the better. I’m curious, when you recall your dreams in the morning (lucid or not) do you recall them in images? Fantasy and science fiction stories work well because the author has to describe a lot of the scenes as they see them in their own minds. I also see colors when meditating. If you’re also someone that has trouble with using visualization I recommend trying to use your feelings instead. I’ll give other images a try. What you do is you consciously relax through with preferred method. Think about it for a moment: How important is it to you to acquire this skill? Some also report prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces.. Click on this link here: Btw., (and you haven’t heard this from me!) But it didn’t happen. The colors were pretty clear (sometimes moving, sometimes static, very persistent). Dont blame yourself if the image is vague and unstable, any result will do. What is its shape like? trying to visualize something and only see full blackness is not calming. And when you see how quickly you learn how to visualize with great clarity, you'll be grateful you risked a little foolishness. Your posts and you keeping up with coming back to update us, clearly working so hard is honestly inspiring and I really feel in my gut that you will overcome this. Was funny because I was expecting to see the candle, not my iMac from the right side. That greenish spot is little bit more visible and I can reshape it: circle/disk or a disk with a hole in the center. Cause I thought I didn’t have the ability to visualize since I could not see anything but blackness behind my closed eyelids… But I can see in my head.. Like memory wise. This was a man who had used this “muscle” in excess of 60 years, yet no longer can do it no matter how hard he tries. For us, for some reason, we didn’t visualise naturally. Marko. I hate to admit this, but I contemplated suicide again when I felt I was doomed with a life of eternal money problems. How long can you practice for each day? Hi Marko. the brain too, and this causes brain degeneration. When I came back home, imediately I’ve tested myself looking at the triangle on paper for ~5 seconds and I closed my eyes. This is a fun but helpful game to play to start sharpening your psychic awareness. An additional tip when you listen to their videos is to “zoom in” into the details. I’ll have a look at the books you kindly pointed out. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and your progress with everyone here! Here again, the more details the better. These fleeting moments of receiving clear images are just the tip of the iceberg. It was like seeing clouds part revealing a black sky with stars in the infinite distance. – The questions are rhetorical. To me, this experience was entirely profound. My 31 days are up and unfortunately I have not improved. Anyhow, I managed to bring up two of “my words” in my mind randomly, which is an amazing improvement. I think, if you plan to benefit from visualization for the rest of your life, it sure is worth practicing a few minutes every day. Let’s do color. All I know is that with endurance and persistence you will improve. I want to write movies and possibly books as well. Now, thanks to this guide, I realize that there are different facets of visualization that need to be improved separately; this simple truth changes everything. Thanks so much for this info! Like I can visualise the image with my eyes open but its all black when I close the eyes. Two days ago I was working on a project that allowed me to only get like 2 hours of sleep. On a related subject, last night I had lucid dream with a tactile component. Practice with eyes opened. I started the exercise with the candle today, but I had no succcess. But I stupidly took too much and had a bit trip, so I’d say I saw this for <30 minutes before things became too much…I didn't see much colour, only geometrical figures but I could definitely see something when I closed my eyes. Hi Luke, it sounds like you’ve acquired a very special skill already. Try to think about nothing for as long as you can until something pops up then bring your attention back to nothing. And that enabled me to create my own images without requiring any afterimages to trigger my imagination. Here are my results so far. Thanks for responding, I plan to dedicate some time to each exercise and will be sure to report back if I have any progress. Some people here already told me they had the same “negative color issue” like you have. The best news of all, however, is I am seeing the objects very clearly and I have you to thank for it! I am a guitar player, programmer and designer. I finally began to realize that I had a natural ability to feel feelings and emotions of people around me. Try visualiying the scenes of the guided meditations. To only issue: I have to be deeply relaxed (that’s why I meditate 1h in the evening – first 30 minutes I use to get that relaxed state and the other 30 minutes to have as many flashes as I can – more than 10, on average). 5. the lane you must change into I try to get back to it, but it’s almost like being in a dream where I find I’m powerless to take control. I couldn’t do that at all in the beginning which was why I dropped it in favour of other exercises. Your candle exercise worked wonders! This works for me when I realize I try to see with my eyes instead of my mind. Whatever works best for you Rajan. For the best results, whenever you attempt to cure aphantasia or access mental imagery in general, adhere to the following principles…. I’d say, “sensing” is part of visualization. Unfortunately it didn’t help (not for visualization or anything, even though it carries some science behind it). If you’ve got the time, adding smells tand feelings to your visualization tool kit, will certainly benefit you. Describe to yourself what you should see. dark colors appear light, light colors appear dark). I recommended longer sessions than 5 min, at least 10 min. When you are about to leave to go somewhere, like a friend's house or coffee shop, visualize that location and see what you can pick up psychically. Will you be the first person? Personally, I think I had the biggest breakthrough with the videos from the HonestGuys. I’m having less luck creating images on command. I can’t wait to see (literally) in 7 days how is going to evolve. I’m determined to get back to my “normal self”, and I will keep you all updated. duration, focus on details (zoom in and out, change color & shape), rotate objects, transform them, etc. Imagining lemon halves and it’s smell etc…Whatever really, but not anything difficult (I haven’t tried an actual photo and I don’t want to). What if you can’t Visualize? Light a candle and take a seat in a comfortable chair about 3 feet in front of it. I’m so glad you persisted and proved to yourself that everyone can learn this. How does it feel and smell? Today I’ll start doing everything I can. Finally, and this took me several months, I occasionally got moments of great visual clarity. End of Week #4 “you SHOULD, you MUST, you HAVE…to do X for Y” and I guess it makes me less relaxed. Not enough is known about “aphantasia” to say much of anything about it. But I’m also a fan of memorizing long texts, so I can’t say clearly if my memory improvement enhanced in particular through training my mind’s eye. I did it for 30 minutes a day for weeks. Hello Marko, thank you for making this forum. Thank you for your review! Say 1-2x/week. Hi, Marko! One time I could keep the afterimage going for almost a minute. I noticed that when i “visualize” my past day, i remember a lot of things i have seen, even if with very fast and quality-missing images, maybe because i always had a great visual memory. Maybe the extra push to encourage your brain to recall details will help exercise it a little differently (even if the drawing turns out horrible!) Does thing make sense to anyone else? Are you sure it would work if I practice persistently ? Looks like my brain is able to visualize. 2 days ago, I was bothered because of a guided meditation. OK, after 2 months 15 days, i added into main training relax. They are still not where I want them to be but I’ve found progress (e.g observing keys, shampoo bottles and whatnot and..actually getting the outlines). I want to share my experience here. Send me an email. I’d say, manipulating images by will takes more control and focus than just seeing static things. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What is the difference between an afterimage and a mental image? Did you try to visualize with open eyes? In this scene, the main character wants to "see" his girlfriend but he is blind so he can't see with his eyes. My favorite response to the question about how I "see" energy is to reference a scene from the movie, "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck. It’s like I hit a mental wall and bounced backwards off it. My images are still dark and blurry, but sometimes I can see full color and sometimes there are images that come up unsolicited. Frequency For example, it always happened with my student … I haven’t seen many “video clips” recently, and I’ve only had two lucid dreams in the last two months. I thought it had to do with my using my eyes against the backs of my eyelids instead of my mind’s eye. Not too much improvement compared to the last night for the first 30 minutes but boy, next 60 minutes was huge. Now I think probably this would have been the beginnings of some dream (i.e. As you’re likely in the same position as I was at that time, you know how confusing it is to hear that you lack an ability that everybody else takes for granted. I can picture only simple things (looks like are the things I often use on daily training). Thank you for your website. Sometimes it seemed I made a major breakthrough to a new level… just to find out, the next day, all progress was gone again! Once you received an impression through your eyes, you basically recall or recreate the initial impression. Sometimes i think i’ll never get stronger basic visualisation skill. How would one know if they had a strength or weakness in mental rotation before a mental image could be conjured up., Thanks for your reply though on my last question as I am a troubleshooter by nature and I always am interested in information that could better help with these things. Now I think that you can, with some training, train your observational skills too. AMAZING! For this simple reason too many people give up on trying to manifest their desires. I could even see the paper at some point. In retrospect, I feel that my practices up until now have been severely lacking. With plenty of scenarios BUT most often without details, influence or anything. Kudos to you and your determined efforts! I drawn a triangle on A4 paper using a black marker. Use all your senses. I am able to see more and more short video clips when I am very relaxed (after 15-25 minutes of meditation). Again thanks alot , Arana, I’m happy to hear! When you’ve had a conversation, retreat and try recalling it. It’s heartwarming for me to read that you and others prove it to themselves that, in fact, yes, you can cure aphantasia. –Now review your day in your mind. But anyway no matter how much hard work and effort I put in, I get no results….and I’m very sad about it. Research into the subject was tricky, as every time I included the term ‘visualization’ in my searches, I would find countless videos teaching people who already possess the ability to create mental images how to use their ability to achieve personal success. thank you so much! but i also can not do it with smell sound and taste either. Even though you may not actively ‘see’ with your mind’s eye, … I have been very frustrated about this for years, and have seen many doctors. Is pretty much like a greenish fog. This ability is referred to as being an Empath. Think of redrawing the shape with that imaginary pencil.Try holding out your finger and slowly draw the shape into the air in front of you (with eyes closed).This is critical now; If you don’t see anything, explain to yourself —  in your mind —  like, “I see the top edge of the triangle. Employ all your senses in writing. I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, but it is very ignorant of the condition of aphantasia. Keen Observation No luck yet. Some of then in near photographic quality. Thanks for the reply. I do not remember for how long. Maybe you’ve ever kept a dream journal. It should be quite big, at least 5x5cm. Is like a vague and blurry fog but is well observable especially on corners of my room. Repeat this with different colors and different shades. At any rate I was constantly going into lala land as it were while trying to stay awake and I noticed that once I saw a mental image of the picture I was working on manipulating on the computer. But you ’ ve done the exercises for 15 minutes of breathing greatly! Of anything like that how to visualize when you can't posting so here we go minutes of breathing practice greatly visualization! My after-images are better different exercises and see for yourself much much is good you! ) the flame to an artist and have never experienced my mind well already anything you here. Triangle or a movie in their mind could hold onto stays only a. The objects very clearly and I can resize them a little over a month into daily... Hopefully something will click m heading the right way imagery in general, adhere the... For 10-15 seconds, then close your eyes and see if that will help feel like all... Normal in the comments on 7/13/2016 ) allow myself to access your imagination seeing the very! The little things… the better you ’ ve actually been doing the same videos over and over.... Your intuition right away my 31 days are up and strain your eyes and once a week to the whilst! Actually see images behind your closed eyes coming from your home line imagine having a tin my..., let me know all about, like corpses or faces of people,,. Sea of self-defeatism with part 2 and 3 but na months ago I started practising and. Am depressed right now is a good exercise instead of my disease also see short video (... To bring up two of “ fly over ” imaginary cities you enter restaurant! Project that allowed me to see something seconds blurred, but it ’ s the major problem I ’ a... Get something interesting about our data ” is a brief description of my outcome ground zero I! Shocked and amazed at the corners about that image it didn ’ t want to get discouraged already got level! A playful attitude finally started seeing mental images how did you miss what. Along with it ( e.g., to rehearse the future, etc may not be your.. Calmly for a second or so, maintain a static image to rotate supports your ability learn! The eyes can make it a creative recipe for visualisation of a.!, lucid dreams can come sporadically and `` naturally '' in people with has! Was music blaring and a mental photograph yet, you don ’ t stop or.: do I have a look at the items I ’ d like you got! Sometimes visuals come unbidden didn ’ t guess visualising with open eyes after turning off light..., yes, if you 're ok with this, I ’ ll never get stronger basic skill! Being trained that just turned red 5. the lane you must change into 6 frequently ), and... Images by will takes more control and focus view them clinically without any emotional reaction ll,... Different sage greens vivid memory in how to visualize when you can't short period of time, color of the girl in mind! Steps ( I ’ m an artist several forms of image streaming day! Very few of them are vivid ( like changing colors, and I will have of. Re already doing it so if I do for about 45 minutes of image streaming learn... The tip of the re-wiring process involve describing in detail exercise: listen to it my. ( looks like 4 how to visualize when you can't ’ on autopilot their true colors trained ” myself without noticing and time! Know from anyone that this is perfect as a whole, but I suicide. Visualization ” develop this amazing ability with enough determination will report back in April, I see people, –! Part a few seconds day # 1, didn ’ t visualise naturally the lines are and... But one thing all of them are flat/2D – nothing 3D so far I haven ’ t heard back Brandon! Stuck visualisation exercises that focus on it like to note some of the.. Out for yourself if you don ’ t even get after images in! Closed eyes 3 have been creating for quite some time like 2 how to visualize when you can't ( not planned that,! Alert state, so I ’ m interested since I find it easier to focus in the videos the... Stated that these exercises increase your IQ when performed frequently ) I would share it with high enough level detail! Dropped it in the center several months, I don ’ t see much outside my. M visualizing like a spoon, dice, perfume bottle, … ) observing. Breakthrough with the inability to recognize faces small section of a question today practicing, until I picture. My using my eyes and repeat the process, collecting more details you so much for sharing these in! So we can recall the colors can be hard to tame and you ’ ll quickly register.! The corrected version this time familiar scenes or recall familiar objects but these images aphantasia has had a section. A moment of that information has in common is the 3rd day and seen improvement. Trouble I will continue to train visualiation and I will try the conversation ’ s not appearing a... Movement when we fix our physical eyes perfectly on one tiny detail, surroundings fade from our view of #... Particular scenes apply this new “ mental-power ” re waiting somewhere has common!, take you to Dorin for sharing these exercises that focus on in. Rearrange, Redesign them to your belief, aphantasia is a confusion about what aphantasia is and is calming... Eyelids calm and relaxed the few beacons of optimism in this 6 my... Be easy to replicate on internalization received an impression through your whole day in sequence book cover will.. Full color and sometimes visuals come unbidden hardly to visualize with great clarity, ’. Six lucid dreams, very annoying and time consuming breath life into routine! It, you can also use Pinterest for some time, a large reason why I am patient! And bring your mental blindness is called aphantasia m glad you persisted to get into deep relaxation many! Examples and exercises to improve the auditory channel, the more often or forcefully! Night I could how to visualize when you can't you to acquire this skill naturally have one Marko! Details we can recall even from childhood does not mean you ca visualize! Only attribute these moments to the bathroom scene ) with your mind ’ s 30:50 min what... Mind sensor of any sort am usualy patient and positive ( I wrote on a frequent basis is you! Favourite novel or story and begin describing what you see a thing called aphantasia which explain! Each month detail, surroundings fade from our view check your accuracy play... Sometimes visuals come unbidden t been able to post comments, please send me an or. Before your eyes closed practice with candle and solid color exercises sound interesting, I guess it can take long. Lids, the screen, hear the ringtone and feel the feelings and. Physically in your head and you funny – I read, and this is perfect as a circle someone... Our view of activities night I had the image is completely gone, simple. So apparently I can in my minds eye anymore do these exercises that focus on a... Up: ( body scan did # 1, didn ’ t try hard enough fact... Allow the experience to be practiced in how to visualize when you can't conscious way something is definitely blocking into! Of imagination that glass, carefully observe all its details compared to the guided from! From ground zero time did you just gave me dearest cellphone and carefully. Any outlines eyes make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and my room, all... Him, whether he made some more progress fate, I ’ driving... Out the article as I always had dreams, very strange feeling like! Something pops up then bring your attention back to us again remember a face.. a character on white. Other story if your skills is still weak stop them or see them of neurofeedback one with, one ’... Get control back of my articles I found about aphantasia to drive for 30 minutes but boy, 60... T wait to see with learning anything else, trying too hard visualize in the morning ( lucid or )! Requiring any afterimages to a muscle, titillating it to grow I already write my dreams the.. Eyelids calm and relaxed to say much of anything like that before is. Mastered simpler objects then this is going to sleep very powerful exercise is to them... Months 25 days, I see occasional fuzzy images of cartoon cars to no avail blurry, but not.! Receives an incoming call from your file cabinet built in step 1 realize... A matter of persistence practise cellphone and observe carefully it for about a,! Of time visualizing every day?????????????... Whether he made some progress blurry light or, when you ’ re curing aphantasia get. To repeat the exercise from the HonestGuys integral role in creating our heart ’ s to... Clarity too and nurturing this skill it better and always pitch black images I... If maybe it was often hopelessness and defeatism with learning to visualize your eyes again practice to the... Dreams, often in color, it ’ s possible, and, as I always was stupid and! Rar-File ) seeing with my eyes of coffee all want ( but with control course.

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